A Little
About Brandon…

Owner and Senior Designer, Brandon Wayne, has always had a love for design and art since he was a youngin. Life has a way of bringing things back in full swing and took 22 years for him to get back into art again. Brandon has always dreamed of being a business owner and getting the opportunity to use his passion of art and turn it into functional design.

Coming from 18 years in the service industry, he saw the importance of doing the little things that made his customers feel extra special. Brandon believes the perception of a business is everything and has set out to improve the visual perception of every business he can lay his hands on. His mission is to help business owners thrive by looking like the big brands.

Interesting tidbits about Brandon


Favorite Color



Favorite Food

I mean come on right!?


Favorite Hobbies

Being a Dad, Cooking, Reading, ESPN


Favorite Music



Favorite Movie

The Pursuit of Happiness


Favorite Speaker

Jim Rohn


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