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We offer Professional Graphic Design Services in the Las Vegas and Henderson area that are economical.  Local small businesses bring growth and innovation to our community’s economy, and we want to help them too.  You won’t find a $1000 trifold brochure here.  And, you won’t find templates here either!  Not every business needs a $3000 brand strategy.  Without a more economical option for Custom Graphic Design, business’ owners turn to places like Vistaprint or Canva to try and make it work themselves.  Or even worse, they turn to freelance sites where the cost of a $15 flyer design is all too tempting.  Fortunately, there’s a road in-between that $15 Fiverr flyer and $1000 brochure where you can still get Custom Graphic Design that speaks volumes for your brand.


From what we’ve heard in the field with our clients, there are many Graphic Designers out there that don’t respond to phone calls or emails for weeks.  In fact, some designers tend to hide when deadlines are approaching leaving you and your business to wonder if the artwork will be ready when it’s due.  That’s not what you’ll get with Peak Image Designs.  Yes, we all get busy and aren’t 100% available at all times, however, you can guarantee that when you work with us, you’ll receive a response within 24 hours or less in regards to any of your questions!  Furthermore, we also send a courtesy update email notification informing you when your design is actually in production. 


We offer an additional option of having your revisions done in-person to eliminate the additional back and forth emails that arise.  You’ll see the changes right there in realtime without waiting 24-72 hours for the revision to come back.  Sometimes after getting the initial artwork for your design, it can spark a new idea and you’d just like to see how it would visually workout.  Now you can!  This is offered remotely via a ZOOM call or right there in the comfort of your office (depending on your location). 


To keep each design consistent for your brand with any Graphic Designer on our team, we have a senior designer that inspects each design before the initial design even comes your way!

We’re looking for:

  • Correct visual communication for your message and positioning of your brand.
  • Adequate use of Graphic Design theory; negative space, proximity, alignment, contrast, and repetition.
  • Usage of specific advertisement layout.


Our work together is a collaboration.  No doubt about that!  You know your business better than we do.  So we take the time to figure out what would be best for you.  Sometimes a form works best.  Sometimes a quick phone conversation works better or even email.  Whatever it is, we want to make the process as easy as we possibly can for you.  That’s the beautiful benefit of working with a local company! 

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