How Your Brand Can Benefit From Vehicle Wrap Advertising

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Jun 14, 2022

Vehicle wraps are a reasonably simple and popular form of advertising. You have probably seen it many times by now. This form of advertising is also very effective. All you need to do is apply laminate with a specific logo, writing, or graphics to your vehicle, and there you have it. You only need to ensure that you install the wraps properly. If your company uses at least a few service cars, wrapping may assist with brand awareness. With that said, we will talk about how your brand can benefit from vehicle wrap advertising.

1. Vehicle Wrap Advertising Will Maximize Your Exposure

A bare billboard. Caption: Unlike vehicle wrap advertising, billboards are stationary and rely on foot traffic to be effective

There are many reasons why business owners all around the world opt to wrap their work vehicles. However, one of the main reasons is that every time they drive their wrapped car, their business gains more exposure. This way, if you have a company that mainly focuses on vehicle-centric services, you kill two birds with one stone. You can advertise while working, at the same time. People on the road, in buildings, and on sidewalks will be able to see your ad wherever you go. You don’t need to look for customers because they will come looking for you. Since getting your company name out there is becoming more and more difficult, this kind of advertising is becoming crucial. With car wrapping, you will get the most amount of exposure necessary to succeed.

2. Vehicle Wrap Advertising Is Not Expensive

Vehicle wrap advertising is an exceptionally cost-effective approach to promoting your company while on the road. The experts from find that vehicle wrapping combined with a solid online presence is a winning combination and is one of the most cost-effective strategies a moving company can employ. While billboards and other outdoor promotions need the rental of expensive ad space for a short period, vehicle wrap advertising is a one-time expense that may give long-term advantages.

Another benefit of this form of advertising is that it’s easily changeable. If you go through a logo redesign or want to change a small detail, you just need to remove the old wrap and add the new one. Now, compare that to a massive recall of advertisements you would have to make if you were paying for a billboard. Additionally, changing car wraps will give your cars a new appearance while keeping your advertising updated. It also makes it easy to experiment with various wrappers to determine which one garners the most attention and reaction from customers.

3. You Can Be Creative With Your Marketing

Displaying your company’s logo and the name on your vehicle will help you raise brand recognition. Bright visual design and easy-to-read text make your car stand out on the road and help passing vehicles and pedestrians remember your message. Vehicle wrap advertising generally elicits positive responses from potential consumers. The main reason is that they draw attention without disrupting their everyday routines. If you wish to make your advertising as effective as possible, you should consider the following:

  • Use colors that stick out and grab people’s attention
  • Make your message as simple as possible
  • Make the graphic and message of your ad fit the shape of the vehicle
  • Pay attention to how windows and doors will affect the graphics and the text of the wrap
A jar containing coins and sprouting a plant Caption: Vehicle wrap advertising is very affordable

4. Vehicle Wrap Advertising Will Maximize Your Exposure

When looking for the best way to advertise your business, the vast majority of methods you will come across are going to be quite passive. For example, if you pay for an online advertisement, all you can do is sit and wait. Sometimes it can take weeks, if not months, to find a customer that way. There is just too much competition in the online space these days. With simple online marketing, you can only reach so many people. Websites and social media postings depend on people being aware of the existence of a business or product before they can attract attention. But, if you decide to use vehicle wrap advertising, it will be able to boost the process. This form of advertising can motivate prospective customers to visit your website or social media page.

As a result, we recommend you spend at least some of your marketing budget on car wraps in addition to your online advertising campaign if you want this to work. The advantage of this strategy is that these two types of advertising will not compete with one another. People will see your ads online, but they will also see them in person. This will help your brand gain credibility with potential customers.

5. 24/7 Advertising

A man sketching up a design

Even if you park your car and leave it sitting in one place for a whole day or leave it outside of your customer’s home while conducting business, you will still reap benefits. We believe that sometimes a parked car can have even more benefits for your brand. In that situation, people are more likely to notice your ad. Additionally, it makes it easier for potential customers to search for further information about your company. If someone parks near you, sees your wrapped car, and wants the same product or service, they may whip out their phone and conduct some research while heading to their destination. They can even snap a photo to remind themselves to check into it later. Additionally, a car wrap outperforms billboards since your vehicles can travel throughout town, attracting prospective buyers’ attention.


As you can see, this type of advertising can benefit your brand in various ways. Depending on your business type, the effect will be different. Now that you know how your brand can benefit from vehicle wrap advertising, we hope you will be able to make the most of it.

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