Variety & Consistency

Individuals are flooded with over 5,000 marketing messages daily, so it’s likely that without consistent exposure your brand can easily be forgotten.  That’s why you want to stay committed to keeping your name out there as much as possible, hence, the more marketing tools the better!  That’s why no matter how big digital advertising gets, printing will always play a factor in a well-rounded marketing campaign.  


We specialize in print design projects that are a strategic part of a business’ marketing plan.  Our team of designers are experts in; choosing the proper advertisement layout, creating adequate visual communication for your brand’s positioning, and key graphic design principles that go into effective advertisements.  


What is the difference between Peak Image Designs and websites like Vistaprint and  We have 1-on-1 customer service that is catered to each client.  Most of us want a little more information about a product (i.e. paper or cardstock choice, colors to use, etc.) so we know whether it’s right to meet our goals.  Get the same great pricing along with product clarity in a 5-minute phone call rather than an hour on Vistaprint reading through descriptions.


Door-to-door Flyer Distribution is still a highly effective strategy for boosting leads for your business.  No long-term commitments.  You can run a campaign as much as you’d like.  However, there are general guidelines we recommend so you get the most out of your investment.


When it comes to keeping your name out there for consistent exposure, direct mail still takes the cake.  Yes, email has taken on that role a bit but depending on your target market, direct mail can be the most effective marketing you do.  Personalized hand-written thank you letters, happy birthday’s, or displaying a new product or service are only a few of the opportunities you can take to get in front of your customers more, both current and new!


There are plenty of reasons why the promotional products’ industry has grown exponentially over the past few years.  Having your logo imprinted on pens, mugs, hats, as just a general example, helps with your brands’ awareness, lead generation, and exposure.  Just like any product or service we offer, it depends on your brand’s positioning and target market.  Our pricing is as competitive as they come!