Terms and Conditions

  1. ESTIMATE Peak Image Designs & Marketing may give customer an estimate (probably cost of job based on initial specification from customer) orally or in writing, with or without reviewing the original copy (written material, art, photographs and/or graphics). An Estimate is not binding on Peak Image Designs & Marketing. 
  2. QUOTATION Customer may cancel any verbal or written Quotation (acceptance of a Quotation) upon compensation (which will include customary profit) to Peak Image Designs & Marketing for the work already performed on the Quotation by Peak Image Designs & Marketing prior to cancellation. Peak Image Designs & Marketing will suspend all work on Quotation upon cancellation and will not be liable to customer or others for failure to meet any delivery date, finish any work or complete any job. 
  3. ORDER Customer may cancel any verbal or written Order (acceptance of a Quotation) upon compensation (which will include customary profit) to Peak Image Designs & Marketing for the work already performed on the Order by Peak Image Designs & Marketing prior to cancellation. Peak Image Designs & Marketing will suspend all work on Order upon cancellation and will not be liable to customer or others for failure to meet any delivery date, finish any work or complete any job. 
  4. PEAK IMAGE DESIGNS & MARKETING ORIGINAL ARTWORK/OWNERSHIP OF ARTWORK Regardless of any term or condition to the contrary, Artwork/Experimental/Creative Work [i.e. design and layout of Customer Copy and/or ideas, artwork, sketches, copy, logos, dummies and all preparatory work (Peak Image Designs & Marketing Artwork)] performed at the customer’s request and created, developed and furnished by Peak Image Designs & Marketing specifically for customer will remain Peak Image Designs & Marketing’s exclusive property and will be charged in the amount separately listed in the Quotation or Invoice (writing delivered on completion of jobs stating all charges for job) or separately quoted upon customer’s request (whether before or after the completion or delivery of job) for Peak Image Designs & Marketing Artwork. 
  5. EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS GRANTED Upon Peak Image Designs & Marketing being paid in full both the amount separately listed for the Peak Image Designs & Marketing Artwork and the remainder of the Invoice amount for the job, Peak Image Designs & Marketing transfers to Customer the exclusive right to use the Artwork only for the purpose described on the reverse hereof (“Usage”). Peak Image Designs & Marketing reserves all rights not expressly granted to Customer. Any other usage by Customer shall require the payment of an agreed upon additional fee. Unless otherwise agreed to, all Artwork shall be produced and printed exclusively by Peak Image Designs & Marketing. 
  6. CUSTOMER FURNISHED MATERIAL(S) Customer Furnished Material(s) (i.e. Garments, Paper stocks, inks, camera-ready copy, film and color separation and other such items) are not accepted for print production of any kind per Peak Image Designs & Marketing.  If Customer pushed for the print production with their own Furnished Material(s), Customer assumes all liability if their project in print production, embroidery, or screen printing is not to their standards.
  7. CONDITION OF ORIGINAL COPY Upon Review of original Copy, if the condition, state, characteristics, composition, appearance, fitness or other circumstances of the original Copy differ from that which had been initially described and upon which initial description an Estimate was made, such Estimate will automatically be rendered null and void, and Peak Image Designs & Marketing will issue a new Estimate or Quotation. 
  8. PREPARATORY MATERIALS Regardless of any terms or conditions to the contrary, and subject to paragraphs 4 & 5, preparatory materials (final Copy used to go to print: i.e. working mechanical art, type, negatives, positives, flats, plates, and other such items) when created, developed or furnished by Peak Image Designs & Marketing will remain Peak Image Designs & Marketing’s exclusive property. Customer will acquire title to, and/or the right to use, Preparatory Material only upon Peak Image Designs & Marketing being paid in full both the amount separately listed in the Quotation or invoice or separately quoted upon customer’s request (whether before or after completion or deliver of job) for Preparatory material and the reminder of the Invoice amount for the job. 
  9. ALTERATIONS/CORRECTIONS Alterations represent work performed in addition to or changes of the original specifications listed in the Quotation. Peak Image Designs & Marketing will quote customer separate charges for Alterations. If Alterations are made at customer’s request, customer agrees to pay Peak Image Designs & Marketing Alteration Charges in addition to the original Quotation or Invoice amount for the job. Corrections represent rectification’s or typos, mistakes and unauthorized deviations from the original Copy and/or specifications listed in the Quotation. 
  10. PRE-PRESS PROOF(S) Pre-Press Proof(s) (pre-printing test sheet made to reveal errors or flaws and how job will appear) will be emailed to customer with the pre-press proof attached.  If email of pre-press Proof(s) is replied with a “Approved”, or “Approve”, from the customer that signals final approval of the artwork to move the print project into print production. Customer MUST request, in writing, the approval of the artwork with use of the word “Approved”, or “Approve”, for the pre-press proof(s) to officially move into print production. The Customer assumes responsibility to ensure that the pre-press proof is correct in all areas such as spelling, grammer, layout, and design content.  If the proof containing errors is approved, the customer is responsible for all costs at full retail price associated with having to reprint their order.  
  11. COLOR PROOF(S) Peak Image Designs & Marketing will not be liable for breaches of any express and/or implied warranties (including fitness and/or of merchantability) by reason  of reasonable color variation(s) between color Proof and finished work, and such reasonable color variation(s) between color Proof and finished work, and such reasonable color variation(s) in finished work shall constitute acceptable delivery. 
  12. PRESS PROOF(S) Unless separately listed in the Quotation, no Press Proof(s) (Proof(s) made on the press using the plates, paper and ink specified for the job) will be provided. If Press Proof(s) are not separately listed in the quotation, upon customer’s request Peak Image Designs  &  Marketing  will  quote  a  charge  (including  any  off  premises printing costs). Customer agrees to pay Peak Image Designs & Marketing for charges (including off premises printing costs) for lost press time due to customer delay or customer changes and corrections. 
  13. OVER-RUNS AND UNDER-RUNS Over-runs and under-runs not to exceed 10% (Quantity Range) on quantities ordered, or the Quantity Range otherwise separately listed in the Quotation specification, shall constitute acceptable delivery. If customer requires guaranteed exact quantities, Quantity Range will be doubled. Customer agrees to pay for actual quantity delivered within Quantity Range based upon unit price per Quotation. 
  14. DELIVERY Unless separately listed in the Quotation, the Quotation is for a single shipment (*i.e. one continuous, uninterrupted deliver for complete job order without storage), F.O.B. local customer’s place of business or F.O.B. Peak Image Designs & Marketing’s platform for out-of town related customers. Unless separately listed in the Quotation, the Quotation will not include charges related to delivery from customer or customer’s supplier to Peak Image Designs & Marketing or special priority pickup or delivery service. Customer’s or customer’s supplier’s delivery or special priority pickup or delivery service upon customer’s request will be charged by Peak Image Designs & Marketing. Materials delivered from customer or customer’s supplier will be verified with supplier’s ticket(s) only as to cartons, packages, or other items delivered. The accuracy of quantities contained in such materials delivered as indicated on supplier’s ticket(s) will not be verified, and Peak Image Designs & Marketing will not be liable for shortage based on supplier’s ticket(s). 
  15. TITLE Subject to paragraphs 4 & 5, title and risk of loss for finished work will pass to customer upon identification or completion of job, whichever occurs first. 
  16. PRODUCTION SCHEDULE(S) Production Schedule(s) and delivery date(s) will be separately listed in the Quotation. Customer and Peak Image Designs & Marketing agree to adhere to production schedule(s) and delivery date(s); provided that neither will be liable for delay due to state or war, riot, civil disorder, fire, labor trouble, strikes, accidents, energy failure, equipment breakdown, delays of suppliers or carriers, action(s) of government or civil authority, act(s) of God or other cause(s) beyond the control of Peak Image Designs & Marketing. Where production schedule(s) in (are) not adhered to by customer, delivery date(s) will be renegotioated. 
  17. TERMS Customer agrees to pay amount(s) on term(s) separately listed in the Quotation, Invoice or other agreement.  Customer is required to pay full amount listed on the Invoice prior to moving the project into production to be fulfilled by Peak Image Designs & Marketing. Payment in the form of deposits, instead of full payment, to start the production of the Customer’s order may be an option and will be listed on the line item of the Invoice.  Peak Image Designs & Marketing may also include a different listed payment due date which can also overwrite the need for full payment to start production of the Customer’s project. Upon finishing production, any deliverables (i.e. artwork files, print materials, websites to go live, screen printed garments, etc.) can only be given to the Customer once Customer as paid the Invoice in full.  Customer agrees that claim(s) for Nonconformity (i.e., defective, damaged, short or other claim) will be made in writing within fifteen (15) days after delivery of each shipment of job claimed to   be in Nonconformity. Customer’s failure to make Nonconformity claim timely will constitute irrevocable acceptance and admission that shipment fully complied with terms, conditions, and specifications. 
  18. LIABILITY Customer agrees that, subject to any right to cure, Peak Image Designs & Marketing’s liablity will be limited to the unit Invoice price of any non conforming work and will in no even include special, incidental or consequential damages, including profits or list profits. 
  19. CUSTOMER’S PROPERTY Peak Image Designs & Marketing will maintain fire, extended coverage, vandalism, malicious mischief and sprinkler leakage insurance on all property belonging to customer while in Peak Image Designs & Marketing’s possession; Peak Image Designs & Marketing’s liability for customer’s property shall not exceed the amount of insurance proceeds  actually received. Peak Image Designs & Marketing will not be liable to customer to the extent of any deductible. Customer’s property of extraordinary value will not be so insured unless separately specifically listed in the Quotation. 
  20. SECURITY INTEREST As security for payment of any sum due or to become due per the Quotation, Invoice or other agreement, Customer hereby grants and conveys to Peak Image Designs & Marketing a lien and security interest on, and the right to retain possession until paid in full of all customer property in Peak Image Designs & Marketing’s possession (including, without limitation, original Copy, work in process and finished work). Any extension or release of credit, or acceptance or release of notes, trade acceptance or guarantee of payment, shall not affect Peak Image Designs & Marketing’s security interest and lien. 
  21. INDEMNIFICATION Customers agree to indemnify and hold harmless Peak Image Designs & Marketing from any and all loss, cost, expense, fees, liabilities, judgments and damages (including court costs and reasonable counsel fees and disbursements of counsel) on account of any and all manner of claims, demands, actions, and proceedings (including investigations and responding to subpoenas whether or not customer  or Peak Image Designs & Marketing is a party, collectively “Claims”) that may be made or instituted against Peak Image Designs & Marketing Printing alleging that the job or work violates any copyright(s), trademark(s) or other property right(s) of any person or entity or that it contains any matter that is libelous or obscene or scandalous or invades any person’s right to privacy or other personal right(s), except to the content caused by recklessness or willful misconduct of Peak Image Designs & Marketing. Customer agrees, at customer’s own cost and expense, to promptly defend and continue the defense of any Claims against Peak Image Designs & Marketing, provided that Peak Image Designs & Marketing gives customer such reasonable time as the exigencies of the situation may permit in which to undertake and continue such defense. 
  22. INVOICE TERMS/INTEREST/ATTORNEYS FEES Payable upon receipt. All amounts which are 30 days past due shall bear interest at the rate of 1.5% per month until paid in full. Customer agrees to pay all reasonable collection costs, and attorneys fees and costs incurred by Peak Image Designs & Marketing to collect any amount due under this invoice. 
  23. DELAY IN CONTENTFor website and graphic design services, if Peak Image Designs & Marketing contacts the Customer with a request for images, copy, text, direction for a design or copy/text, approval for a design or copy/text, or any other piece of information that Peak Image Designs & Marketing is relying on for the completion of those design services, and the Customer does not deliver on this request, the Customer will be liable to pay all outstanding deposits in full. 
  24. CONFIDENTIALITY It may be necessary for Client to share proprietary information, including trade secrets, industry knowledge, and other confidential information, to Peak Image Designs & Marketing in order for Peak Image Designs & Marketing to complete the Graphic Design services and Deliverables in their final form. Peak Image Designs & Marketing will not share any of this proprietary information at any time. Peak Image Designs & Marketing also will not use any of this proprietary information for his/her personal benefit at any time. This section remains in full force and effect even after termination of the Agreement by it’s natural termination or the early termination by either party.