The Best Website Builders with WordPress

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In the digital age, a business website offers much more than a now-imperative online presence. It is what frames your business image, as it visually communicates your brand identity. It is many
potential customers’ first likely contact with your brand, and its quality will encourage or sway conversions. As such, businesses don’t simply need a website; they need a great website that represents them and projects professionalism. Fortunately, WordPress’s continuous evolution has made this endeavor more accessible than ever. Let us delve into the best website builders with
WordPress for experienced and new users alike.

What is WordPress?

First and foremost, for the latter group, let us briefly explore WordPress itself.


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) – the largest one today, notably. It is, in fact, so prominent that a vast array of professionals and agencies, such as and others, specifically and exclusively cater to this platform. Moreover, to elaborate on its prominence, we should note some 2021 statistics:

  • WordPress powers approximately 40% of the internet today. By 2019, it already powered over 30% of the top 10 million websites.
  • WordPress powers 64% of all CMS-built websites.
  • Finally, WordPress sites see over 400 million visitors per month.

WordPress started in 2003 as a blog-publishing system, continuously incorporating support for various new types of web content since. This development journey led to it becoming a free, open-source CMS powerhouse that offers near-unmatched value. Said value stems from its flexibility and user-friendliness, but arguably even more so from its plugin architecture. In fact, it is this architecture that allows us to discuss the best website builders with WordPress in this article.

WordPress page builders

The WordPress plugin library currently offers more than 58,000 plugins, ranging in purpose from security to functional improvements. Most significantly, in the context of this article, many plugins seek to provide page-building capabilities.

While standalone website builders have exploded in popularity in recent years, such plugins seek to offer the best of both worlds. Specifically, they bring the newcomer-friendliness of many builders to WordPress’s already powerful platform. Therefore, they may cater to newcomers through simplicity while still providing depth for savvy power users.

The 5 best website builders with WordPress

Having outlined the above, let us delve into our selection of the five best page builders you may consider. These are in no particular order in terms of ranking or personal preference, so you may give them equal attention.

#1 Divi Builder

Let us start with Divi Builder, likely one of the most famous and feature-rich website builders today. For transparency, that’s the one we most often use ourselves.


Divi Builder is a premium page builder that often sees use as part of the Divi theme. In conjunction, the two offer immense styling options and full-page visual control. Standalone, it includes 46 modules and 316 templates, and full theme-building support as of version 4.0. Perhaps most notably, it includes both a visual front end and a back end interface for complete content edit control.

In terms of other notable features, Divi Builder offers a built-in A/B testing system. While few other builders provide this option, Divi’s boasts tremendous ease of use as an additional perk.

#2 Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder could naturally not be absent from such lists. It’s been the first choice for many new businesses, if not the golden standard, and boasts massive popularity.


Unlike Divi Builder, Beaver Builder offers a limited free version and a premium version. The former includes six modules and support for standard WordPress widgets. The latter, however, offers 30 modules and 56 templates; not quite as many as Divi Builder’s, but still very respectable. Finally, it offers notable styling options, including custom spacing.

As regards notable features, Beaver Builder offers full theme-building functionality – albeit through Beaver Themer, which costs extra.

#3 SeedProd

SeedProd is another excellent page builder to consider. It’s powerful, easy to use, and receives glowing reviews from such veterans on the field as WPBeginner.


As you can see from their homepage, SeedProd focuses explicitly on landing pages, which may affect your choice. Regardless, it offers a clean drag and drop interface, over 100 templates, and multiple page blocks that serve as modules. Due to its focus, said blocks center around lead generation and conversion optimization while still providing handy, universally useful options.

As for other notable features, SeedProd is one of few builders that enable deep customization, including logos, headers, and more.

#4 Visual Composer

On the subject of deep customization of such elements, one could not omit Visual Composer. An equally notable WordPress page builder, Visual Composer may be worth your consideration.


Not to be confused with WPBakery Page Builder by the same team, which used to be named Visual Composer, this one is a complete website builder. It offers 100 layouts, over 50 content elements, and support for over 200 third-party add-ons. Much like Divi Builder, it too provides both a visual front end and a back end interface. Its layout is slightly different compared to regular WordPress plugins, however, which may discourage some beginners.

Finally, Visual Composer’s most notable feature is likely Visual Composer Hub. This vast library offers elements, templates, blocks, and more.

#5 Elementor

Finally, Elementor is another immensely popular page builder. Despite launching as recently as 2016, it now boasts over 3 million installs at, which is indeed impressive.

The homepage of VisualComposer that reads, “create your WordPress website today. Start Easy. Build fast.”


Like Beaver Builder, Elementor comes with a free and a premium version. The former comes with 28 widgets and 40 templates, while the latter adds another 30 widgets and hundreds of templates. Recently, it has also added such settings as responsive controls, custom margins and padding, and more. Finally, it has a large extension ecosystem for even deeper control, in no small part due to its notable popularity.

As regards other notable features, Elementor Pro offers full theme building, form integrations, and WooCommerce building capabilities. It is noteworthy, however, that these features are absent from the free version.


In summary, there is a wide array of builders to choose from – arguably more vast than ever before. Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, SeedProd, Visual Composer, and Elementor are our choices for the best website builders with WordPress. We specifically favor Divi Builder, but all of them offer something unique that may best fit your needs and tastes. They’re all somewhat user-friendly, feature-rich, and actively supported, so any one of them could build your dream site.

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