Ways That Logos Can Be Incorporated Into Your Website

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When you’re designing your business website, you want it to grab people’s attention. But it’s not only that. The focus should also be on how to brand yourself to your visitors. You want to explain to them who you are and what they can expect to get from you. And to do that, you should know about different ways that logos can be incorporated into your website.

First, we’ll help you pick the perfect kind of logo for your company. Remember that its job is that people notice it and that it stays in their heads for as long as possible. We’ll go over all the dos and don’ts of using a logo in your website design, but we’ll do a lot more. Dive right in and learn how to create a website that will help you get in front of your competitors.

Brand Marks

A man taking a photo of the Nike logo.

It’s not a secret that some of the best logos are the ones that keep the appearance and design process simple. The trick here is to grab people’s attention without using any words. And if you do it in the right way, they’ll notice your logo even if they’re focused on searching through your products.

Now, with brand marks, things are clear. Here, you choose not to use any names or phrases and instead go for a unique image to represent your brand. And people use all kinds of things for this purpose. You can go with pictures, signatures, or just letters. The important thing is to make something that no one has seen before.

Of course, whatever you choose should represent your products. Your visitors must be able to connect your logo to what you offer. So, keep that in mind if you decide to go this way.

A good brand mark will make people remember your company right away.

Company Name

If you want to avoid all the stress of designing the perfect logo, think about whether you can get away with using the name of your company. Sometimes, this is the best choice you can make, and wpfullcare.com is a great example of how this works. As soon as you land on their homepage, you’ll see their name as a logo, and it’ll be clear to you that they manage WordPress sites. That’s the kind of effect you want to produce with this type of logo.

If you go down this path, be sure to design a logo that will be easy to read. You can do it by yourself, but if you want it to look professional, we suggest that you let the designer do it for you.

Make sure that competition isn’t using something similar, and think about the colors. Each color will trigger an emotion in your visitor’s brains, so you should pick wisely here. Consult with your designer about this and make your logo stand out.


Coffee mugs with initials on them.

If you want to find a balance between creativity and simplicity in web design, using your company’s initials might be the best thing for you. And the best thing about it is that you can make it work even if your business only has one word in its name. Of course, you’ll have to spend more time working on it to make it pop out as much as possible, but it’s doable.

On the other hand, if you have multiple names, you can put different letters together and create something that brings immediate attention. The best possible scenario here is that the first letters of each word form an actual word. If this is the case, you can have all the fun in the world exploring the ways that logos can be incorporated into your website.

Sometimes, initials are what can help you spread your message across.


If you feel that a single image or a word won’t do justice to your brand and represent it as it should, you can put them together and make them one entity. By giving your customers more to look at, you’re giving them more potential things to remember about you.

Now, there are a few things to be careful about here. Your logo will have to have a clear focus. To get there, you can put the name inside the picture or place them on top of each other.

There will be lots of choices to make, so it’s best to find someone with experience in design to help you out. You’ll learn how to make your logo memorable and avoid all the design ideas that badly affect loading speed at the same time. It’s a deal that you should take if you want to move forward.

Negative Space

Logos can bring the eyes to them more or less depending on what’s around them. If you leave a lot of negative space, you’ll keep distractions at a minimum, and that will bring people’s attention to the logo.

However, you don’t want to make the space around the logo too noticeable. Keep the distances between all the shapes, marks, and the logo. If you get the balance right, you’ll make negative space work to your advantage. Naturally, you want to get your logo and its background in contrast. That will make it pop out, and it should make the empty space harder to notice.


A website on a laptop screen.

Another crucial thing about incorporating a logo into your website design is its placement. In essence, you want your logo to be the first thing people see when they click on your website. Now, you’ll have three places where you can put it, and these are:

  • Middle of the page
  • Top left corner
  • Top right corner

If you go with the first option, make sure that it’s big enough for people to notice it. And if you go with either of the other two, you’ll have to pay attention to colors. If you put your logo among similar colors, it might blend in, which is bad no matter what your brand strategy is. You want people to see it right away, so you want to make it pop out.

We can’t talk about the ways that logos can be incorporated into your website without talking about their placement.

Make It Relate to What Your Offer

If your logo doesn’t relate to your products or services, customers will be confused. Moreover, they might remember your logo, but they won’t remember what you do. And we don’t have to explain how this isn’t a good thing.

So, you need your logo to remind them of the thing that you offer. There are plenty of tricks you can use to get there. And one of those is including an image of one of your products in your logo. Try to use something that is connected only to you and not your competitors. And if you’re mixing images and words, make sure to include your company’s name in all of it.

As you can see, there are lots of ways that logos can be incorporated into your website. However, you have to be careful not to do something wrong. Often, it’s that one mistake that will make all the good things you have done useless. And now, you know how to avoid making that mistake.

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